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DataChart® DC1250 2 Channel Paperless Recorder

A maximum sample storage rate of 100 samples per second can be set for both channels allowing for capture of short duration process signals anomalies. CompactFlash™ cards up to 2 Gigabyte size can be used allowing many data points to be stored over long periods of time.

With intuitive operation, flexible input configuration and large memory capability, the DataChart 1250 is a powerful, compact digital recorder.


Ethernet Communication
A rear accessible RJ45 Ethernet port is available. With this option the DC1250 can be connected to any Standard 10/100BaseT Network. Access and transfer data stored on the compact flash card. View real-time trended data and remotely control and configure recorder with Navigator software. The built in web-browser allows real time data viewing with only an internet browser.

A Clear View
The DC1250 has a highly reflective twisted nematic LCD display with a bright white LED backlight. The graphic user interface can be configured to display real time data in digital or trend format. Configuring the 1250 is an intuitive process which uses an easy to follow menu system. 


Dual Digital Display

Dual Digial Inverse Display

Split Screen Display

Dual Trend Display

Versatile Power

The DC1250 is supplied with a universal wall transformer power supply (North American plug) that can operate from 100 to 240Vac 50/60Hz. An optional transformer with an interchangeable plug set is available.

An isolated input power of 12-24Vdc is also available for use with instrument power supplies or external batteries. The DC1250’s real time clock and internal RAM have a battery back-up to preserve data in the event of a power loss.

If losing data during a power outage is a concern, the user can add the rechargeable battery pack option. With the battery pack option installed, the DC1250 automatically keeps the rechargeable NiMH batteries charged to capacity. In the event of a power loss, the DC1250 automatically switches over to internal battery power. All functions continue to operate as normal for up to 8 hours! This option is also great for using the DC1250 in areas where no AC or DC power is available.

USB Communication
A front accessible USB port is available. Access and transfer data stored on the compact flash card. View real-time trended data and remotely control and configure recorder with Navigator software. USB port cannot be ordered with Ethernet option.


DataChart Navigator Software

DataChart® Navigator software makes reviewing, printing and exporting data easier than ever. Simply start the program, double click the data file and Navigator does the rest. Your data file is displayed in one graphic window complete with the scales as programmed in the DC1250 as well as Date and time stamps. You can expand, compress or use the box zoom to display specific areas of data as needed. The print preview feature allows review prior to printing.

Exporting data is as simple as clicking the Excel™ Icon in the Data table export window. Navigator automatically converts the historic data, starts up Excel™ and loads your data into an organized spreadsheet.


Download Latest Version of DC1250 Firmware (rev 1.1, June 2009) click here (right click and select "Save Target As..")
See instruction manual for instructions on installing new firmware

Measure RPM
The DC1250 can be used in conjunction with many of Monarch’s speed measurement sensors. Power for sensors is provided from the DC1250 rear terminals. Measure, display and record RPM ranges from 0 - 600,000. Choose the sensor best suited for your application or take your existing signal (0 - 5V TTL) directly into the 1250.


Input Power: Standard


9 Vdc +/- 0.5Vdc @ 5VA (depends on external loads) provided by external AC wall transformer (provided)., non-isolated, 100-240Vac 50/60Hz Input impedance: >100k Ohms


Isolated 12-24 Vdc input power available (not compatible with internal bater pack option below). Measurement Rate:  Up to 100 samples/sec per channel.


Internal battery pack provides uninterrupted operation and controlled shutdown during blackout. 6Vdc, 2400mAH NiMH - Backup Time: 8 hours typical (depends on external load). Math Function:  Y=mx + b; average, hi peak, low peak.
Output: 2 outputs 5Vdc @ 50mA to power external sensors. Media:  Compact Flash to 2GB
Number of Channels: 2 universal, user selectable. Display:  LCD Graphics, 160 x 80 pixels, black FSTN with white LED backlight. User controlled backlight level and contrast adjust (electronic).
Isolation: 300V AC/DC channel input to chassis ground Display Modes:  Trending (horizontal), Large dual digital readout, mixed mode.
DC Input: Voltage 
0-250mV; 0-1.25V; 0-2.5V, 0-5V; 0-12.5V; 0-25V
User Interface:  5 button keypad (dual function buttons).
  Accuracy: 0.1% of reading
Resolution: 0.025% of full scale
Clock:  Auto leapyear and daylight savings adjustment. Internal battery backup.
0-20mA; 4-20mA; 0-50mA; 10-50mA
Relay Output:  Two alarm outputs: 30V 0.5A Form A relays.
  Accuracy: 0.1% of reading excluding 250 ohm external shunt (required) Opto-isolated Input:  One input, 5 to 12Vc activation @ 10mA typical.
  Resolution: 0-25% of full scale. Audible:  Internal beeper (multiple tones).
Thermocouple: Accuracy: 0.3% of full scale (typical). Ambient Temperature Sensor Accuracy: +/-1.5°C (see datasheet for full specs.) Dimensions:  Front panel: 96mm (1/4 DIN) x 152mm (3.78 x 3.78 x 6 inches).
 RTD: Accuracy: 0.3% of full scale (typical)
Resolution: 0.1°C
Internal Current source: 1mA (see datasheet for full specs)
Environmental:  Indoor Use Only
Installation Category II
per IEC 664
Pollution Degree Level II per IEC61010-1
Temperature: -10°C to 50°C operating per IEC 61010-1
Humidity: Maximum relative humidity 80% for temperature up to 31°C, decreasing linearly to 50% relative to humidity at 40°C.
Frequency Input (Hz) Range: 0-10,000 Hz/ 0-600,000 RPM Optional:  USB: Front panel USB 2.0 slave port for data and remote real-time display when using Navigator software.
Speed Input (RPM: Accuracy: Freq: +/-1 Hx; RPM +/1 RPM below 9,999 RPM
Input: Low <1.0Vdc; High >3.0 <12.0Vdc
Pulse Width: 10 microsecond minimum.
   Ethernet: Real time data display, historic data transfer, remote control and recorder configuration when using Navigator Software. Built in web server displays current measured values.

Options & Accessories


 5380-260 Navigator Windows compatible software for for graphic analysis, printing, transfer and export. Compatible with Win XP, Vista and 7 (32 or 64Bit) Buy it now
  Navigator Lite Lite version allows viewing of data in table format and exporting only (included with recorder).  
 5380-102 CFCR USB Compact Flash Card Reader, USB 2.0 compatible Buy it now
 5380-151 MAS250R 250 ohm precision resistor, 0.1%, 0.5 watt (1 required for each current input) Buy it now
 5380-142 NEMA 4X Kit Pre-cut NEMA 4X hinged enclosure with SPC-1250 clear removable splash proof cover Buy it now
Memory Cards      
4380-164R  MC512MBCF 512 Megabyte Compact Flash Card Buy it now
4380-165R MC1024MBCF 1 Gigabyte Compact Flash Card Buy it now
4380-166R MC2048MBCF 2 Gigabyte Compact Flash Card Buy it now
Compatible Sensors      
5380-505 THP-W Temperature/Humidity Probe with 8 foot cable and tinned leads. (DC1250 provides required power) Buy it now
6180-056 ROS-W Remote Optical Sensor with 8 foot cable and 3 tinned leads, mounting bracket and 12 inches of reflective tape. (DC1250 provides required power) Buy it now
6180-057-25 ROS-P-25 Remote Optical Sensor with 25 foot cable, mounting bracket and 12 inches of reflective tape, 1/8" (3.5mm) phone plug connector (cut off plug for wire terminal connection to DC1250 Buy it now
6180-058-25 ROS-HT-W-25 High Temperature Remote Optical Sensor with 25 foot cable, mounting bracket and 12 inches of reflective tape. 3 tinned leads for connection to DC1250  Buy it now
6180-030 ROLS-W Remote Optical Laser Sensor with 8 foot cable, 4 tinned leads, mounting bracket with jam nuts and 12 inches of reflective tape Buy it now
6180-018 MT-190W Magnetic Trigger Sensor/Amplifier with 8 foot cable Buy it now
6180-021 IRS-W Infrared Sensor with 8 foot cable, tinned wires and mounting bracket Buy it now
6180-014 GE-200HP Electromagnetic Inductive Spark Plug Sensor and Amplifier with 15 feet of cable. Buy it now
Replacement Parts      
5380-331 PSC-2UW Standard AC wall adapter, 120/240Vac with interchangeable plug set (US, Euro, UK, AUS) Buy it now


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