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 Track-It Data Loggers: Rugged Temperature

The Track-It Rugged Temperature Data Logger is a submersible battery powered stand alone compact data logger that records up to 32,000 samples of temperature data. The wide temperature range and stainless steel IP68 packaging make it versatile and rugged enough for the more strenuous temperature logging applications. Moisture, corrosion, and force are prevented from affecting your measurements, as well as shallow submersion. The unit is easily configured using the included Track-It Software. 

Simply connect the logger to an open USB port on your PC and the software automatically identifies the logger. Use the internal push button to start and stop recording and check status or configure the unit to start recording immediately, start and/or stop at a predetermined time and date, or only when an alarm condition is sensed.  The sample storage rate can be set from 1 sample every 2 seconds to 1 sample every 24 hours. The on board data storage is non-volatile so data will not be lost in the event of a depleted battery.

Track-It Transport Android App

The Track-It Rugged Temp logger is compatible with free Track-It Transport Android application. The Transport Application allows you to use your Android device and an On-The-Go cable to retrieve data from the logger while in the field. Record start/stop and erase memory is also available.  

The Track-It Transport App is available for free on Google Play:




  • Push button or program to start recording 
  • Up to 32,000 samples per record
  • Alarm set points
  • Small compact size
  • Integral USB interface (no custom cable!)
  • Interactive software (included!)
  • Three year battery life (battery included!)
  • N.I.S.T. calibration (optional)
  • Wide temperature range 40 to 257F/125C
  • High accuracy and repeatability
  • Accurate internal clock (1 minute/year)
  • Projected time and date of full log
  • Fast data retrieval
  • Two seconds to 24 hours sample rate

Typical Uses 

  • FDA
  • Storage
  • Food
  • Oil and Gas
  • Buildings
  • Laboratories
  • HVAC
  • Refrigeration
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Transportation/Cold Chain
  • Freezers






Sample Rates: User configured 1 every 2 seconds to 1 every 24 hours

No. of Samples: 32,000

Record Trigger:

Two independent triggers. Multiple trigger modes: Instantaneous, button control, on alarm, time and date (start and stop), day of week.

Record Mode:

Fill to end of memory, cyclic, number of samples, time duration


User programmable: Indication of alarms, recording, triggered


User programmable: Record on/off, reset alarms, view status


2 user programmable alarms. High or Low


Direct USB connection via standard USB cable (included)


Track-It Software - Program device, view data (historic or real time),    export to Excel. Simple and advanced modes


 Battery: 1/2 AA High Temperature Model TLH-5902 or equal

                              Life:   3 years @ 1 minute sample rate


3.585 (91.06mm)L x 0.787 (20mm)diameter




Temperature Range:

-40 to +125C / -40 to 257F


0.2C / 0.4F


0.1C / 0.1F

Clock Accuracy:

1 minute/year

Options & Accessories


5396-9910   "O" Ring for Rugged Temp Replacement O-Ring Seal (4 Pack)                                                        Buy it now
5396-9909 Battery Replacement hi-temp range 1/2 AA lithium battery Buy it now
5396-9902 Track-It Software Track-It Software on CD Buy it now
5396-9901 USB Extension Cable 3 Ft. USB extension cable Buy it now
5396-9913 USB On-The-Go Cable USB cable for use with Android devices Buy it now

Ordering Information


5396-0105 Rugged Temp Track-It Rugged Temp Logger. Includes battery, USB interface cable and Track-It Software download Buy it now
5396-0105-CAL Rugged Temp Track-It NIST Rugged Temp Logger with NIST traceable calibration certificate. Includes battery, USB interface cable and Track-it Software download Buy it now




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